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We help actors to build a strategy in order to move on in their career : to assert their image, their identity as artists, to make themselves known, to have efficient communication tools, to use new technologies (such as Facebook, or Instagram), to be self-sufficient, and most importantly, to enlarge their professional network.
Get ready
to shoot !

You got scenes to shoot in French ? You got an important role which needs more preparation ? Make sure you’ll be ready on set with Christophe Averlan, acting coach.
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Subtile your demoreel
Subtitle your

Break into the French market and have your demoreel subtitled. We will write the translation for your demoreel on youtube, and put it online directly.

Become more autonomous!
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Improve your acting in French
Master Class !

Improve your acting in French ? Join this Master Class now !

You’ll be part of a group of 6 to 10 actors from 10 am until 6 pm and will be working as a French speaking actor !

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Your showreel has to reveal you fit the role perfectly. Let's choose the clips together, we'll edit them the way it fits the market and suits you : we’re aiming to showcase the very best.

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“So, tell us about yourself ! “This is a tricky question that you are unlikely to feel confortable with. Let’s work on it, we'll put you in situation (in English first, then in French, if you want to) !
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Expand your network
Branch out

Your network makes you work ! That’s why you constantly need to extend it. By yourself, or in collaboration with your agent. Make sure you will do it properly. We can help you on this in France or England.
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From Monday To Friday, 10am to 7pm.
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A photographer directory, acting books, monologues, useful links...
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French and american casting directors, in France and in New York, produced by Mediane... for your eyes only !
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The Mediane Team

We have developped our knowledge in the field of showbusiness (Theatre, Cinema, Television) for more than 15 years (firstly in France, and more recently in New York and London). Benefit from the expertise of each of us. We'll give each of you specific and personal answers.


Médiane - Art & Communication Co-director and co-founder with Christophe Averlan.
Emmanuelle cut her teeth at Cineteve and Mikros Image as an executive assistant and head of PR, and after that in Producing live preforming Art. She specializes in artists’ and companies’ visibility. At Médiane, she coaches actors on their carreer development. She’s also a councillor for stage directors and theatre companies to help them build a solid strategy and successfully breakthrough on the theatre market. Having the support of her great team (Perrine, Christophe and Mélina), she will definitely work on the strategy you need.


She’s dexterous at formating you -or your company- on every media ! Inverviews, demoreels, trailers, teasers, web or print graphic design, your files, posters, flyers… Make sure you want everyone to see you, and she will do the job !


Médiane - Art & Communication Co-director and co-founder with Emmanuelle Olivier.

Actors’ coach, playwrite, film director (Paris and New York), he is the one who deals with actors and their acting ! He prepares them for their audition or roles, he leads acting master classes in French or in English (he did several in New York City). He also coaches actors on their carreer development. His sharp eye will catch you right away, everytime. You can also find a book of his French and English monologues - “Chacun pour soi (et un petit peu pour les autres), including “Missing Jim”. More info on his website.


Mélina Brûlé is an ultra-connected communication manager. She’s on the lookout for the latest developments in social networks. She will be with you, even more, she will litteraly hold your hand if you need it, to make sure you can use everything (including tiny details) on every chosen platform, depending on your targets. But, you know what, she can also do everything for you (just ask her gently !)